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Successful and sustainable search engine optimization consists of numerous aspects. This page gives you an overview of the most important SEO components.

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What is SEO ?

SEO (search engine optimization) means the optimization of a website in terms of its visibility in search engines.

In other words, websites are optimized so that they appear as high up as possible on Google for certain search queries. This is the main task of an SEO.


Each area of search engine optimization covers different ranking factors. Each ranking factor is given a different weighting by the search engine. It is therefore essential for website owners to know which levers they can use to successfully achieve their goals in the long term.

The growing spectrum of optimization options can only be divided into two categories to a limited extent. I have deliberately refrained from separating on-page and off-page here.

The following list includes, in my opinion, the six most important components for successful and sustainable SEO.

The most important SEO components

Technisches SEO

Technical SEO

A technically optimized website is the foundation for all further SEO measures. In addition to basic requirements such as crawlability and indexability, technical SEO measures include website and URL structure, meta tags, loading times and avoiding duplicate content.

Keyword Analysis

It is the basis for the content of your website. It is not only important for which search queries you want to be found, but also what your target group is actually looking for. A keyword is the starting point for identifying the search intent. The search intention in turn leads to the right content.

Keyword Analyse
Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

Google only uses the mobile version of a website for ranking purposes. Both the search engine and the users want a fast and user-friendly site. Mobile SEO is primarily about performance, usability and user experience optimization.


Die Abkürzung E-A-T steht für Expertise, Authoritativeness und Trustworthiness. Google möchte anhand dieser Kriterien überprüfen, ob deine Website, deine Autoren und deren Inhalte vertrauenswürdig sind. Ein anerkannter Experte, eine Autorität oder Entität in einer Nische/einer Branche zu sein, wird belohnt.


Link Building

By building links pointing to your own website, you give Google important signals to evaluate relevance for a particular topic. The quality and less the quantity of the backlinks is important. The goal is to build a strong and competitive link profile in the long run.

Content Marketing

Content marketing means convincing users with content. The best optimization is of little use if the content is not relevant to the user. One of Google's goals is to ensure that searchers are shown the best content. Content can also be used to achieve other goals such as brand building, backlinks and lead generation.

Content Marketing


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