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SEO Consulting

Comprehensive as-is analyses in combination with your personal goals enable an SEO strategy that starts where the greatest impact can be achieved.

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SEO consulting always starts with you. Nothing is more important than understanding your needs and goals. Only then can an individual consultation take place.

Search engine optimization is a dynamic marketing channel that is constantly changing (not least due to Google updates). Especially for newcomers, the field of SEO seems exciting and complicated at the same time. You may have heard about keywords and links. But SEO is much more.

A consultation will give you clarity on how your site is currently doing and where the potential is hidden. It is not only about detailed analyses, but above all about the correct interpretation of the results. By ordering my recommendations for action according to priorities, it is easy for you to put your new SEO strategy into practice and to achieve first successes directly. 

Stepps of SEO Consulting

Scope & Questionnaire

You can decide for yourself whether a consultation should be holistic or only for certain parts of SEO. A questionnaire helps me to get to know your website. What are your goals? Who are your competitors? What has already been done?

SEO Audit

The analysis includes the technical and content part of your site, but also the links from the outside (backlinks). At the same time, your competitors are also scrutinized. 

Plan of action

In the first part of the action plan you can see the current state of your site and how it performs in direct comparison to your competitors. The second part contains the SEO strategy developed and aligned with your goals. The recommendations for action derived there are sorted according to priorities.


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