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In 2017, I started into online marketing via classic affiliate websites. There it quickly became clear: without visibility and traffic, no sales. My portals had to be found in search engines and so I found the entrance to SEO at the same time.

My new passion also found its place in my bachelor thesis. "Investigation into the application of SEO and content marketing in cultural enterprises" was the topic back in the days.

After my studies, I started a professional training in the SEO team of an online marketing agency in Dresden via a traineeship, where I continued to work as a junior manager afterwards. The support of international as well as local clients in the B2B and B2C area was my daily business.

In the meantime, I have switched from being employed to being self-employed, taking care of my own client base while in turn supporting other agencies with their clients' SEO projects.

Since 2020 I hold the SEO specialist certificate of the BVDW, which is one of only a few certificates recognized in my industry.

2021 I published the guide "SEO for Beginners" in cooperation with the Kultur Management Network.


Personally, I don't think much of blanket statements like "With us at number 1 on Google". Anyone who writes something like this without having looked at a website first runs the risk of making promises that cannot be kept. Even with the necessary SEO know-how, there will never be a 100% guarantee for certain positions. This decision is solely up to the algorithms of the search engines. My job is much more to convince the algorithm through SEO measures that your website deserves to be on position 1.

Accordingly, sustainable SEO means reacting quickly to changes. A Google update can have a strong impact - negative as well as positive. Measures such as those implemented just a few years ago cause exactly the opposite in the worst case. Google is constantly learning - we SEOs have to as well.

„If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.“

—  Henry Ford

References, certificates and publications

Client project 1 Client project 2 Client project 3

Client project 1

Increase in the number of relevant keyword rankings approx. 5 months after the start of the cooperation (Screenshot:

Industry: non-medical practitioner

Kundenprojekt 1

Client project 2

Increase in organic traffic approx. 5 months after start of cooperation (Screenshot:

Industry: medical-psychological assessment

Kundenprojekt 2

Client project 3

Development of clicks and impressions approx. 6 months after start of cooperation (Screenshot: Google Search Console)

Industry: Lifestyle magazine

Kundenprojekt 3

SEO specialist certificate

"Certified individuals may carry the seal to present themselves as qualified SEO employees to clients and customers."


Guide: Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

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